I am a bit of a technophile and intrigued by new and emerging technologies. I love tinkering, tweaking and customising technology to make it more personal, but also to see if I can! I am by all means no expert, but I learn as I go – often by trial and (numerous!!) error(s).

Since the Raspberry Pi came out, I have purchased six (so far!), all 2 Raspberry Pi 2’s, 1 Model B+ and 3 Model B’s and I have no doubt that more will follow once I find a need / use for them. Some might think this is excessive, but for the price and versatility I can’t help it!

I have used my RPi’s for a variety of projects, but one thing I came to find is that finding guides and how-to’s was not so easy. If I could go back and have a source of useful hints, tips, tricks and guides then my venture into RPi life would have been less frustrating and more enjoyable.

This is the aim of this site and I hope whoever reads it finds it useful too!